Tailors in China: Cheap & Genius

Chinese fashion isn’t for everyone. The clothes and sizes don’t sit right on curvy body types and shopping at Western stores isn’t cheap. During my crafting obsession I somehow convinced myself that I could make myself a dress without a sowing machine and I ordered beautiful material that just gathered dust.

With the help of a Chinese friend, I took it to a tailor along with my favorite dress from H&M. He tutted at my material that he deemed bad quality but promised to try. He warned me that handmade dresses can be expensive, which I expected. I left the nice old man with my dress, the material and just a few days later he told me to come back.

Although he couldn’t work with the material I brought, he picked his own and made me a beautiful, slimming dress based on the original design for just 90 RMB ($13). The dress fits like a glove, the material is silky and I immediately ordered two more dresses and a traditional Chinese blazer!

The price of the dress depends on the materials, so one of the fancier wine-red fabrics will cost 140 RMB ($20) and the intricately decorated blazer made to my measurements will cost 200 RMB ($30). This is way cheaper than anything I’ve ever seen in a store, including at supermarkets (Tesco-style clothing).

So, if you’re at a loss for what to wear in China, don’t fret. Find a tailor, tell them what you want and get forever spoiled with the cheapest tailor experience you’ll ever! By the way, if there are any brides to be, tailor made wedding dresses can cost as little as 700 RMB ($100)… which is crazy, because it can be cheaper to fly to China and had a dress made for you than buying one in Europe or the USA.


Author: olenakagui

The bug-biting blogger bitten by the travel bug. Writing articles and blogs since 2012.

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