When I talked to my Indonesian friends about finding vegan food in Bali and they were skeptical. They told me that Indonesians are obsessed with their meat and all traditional dishes are loaded with animal products. I’ve always been able to find plenty of vegan options despite meat eaters claiming that I’ll starve to death in their country… so I wasn’t too worried but I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to feast on delicious unhealthy vegan comport food. #firstworldveganproblems

I was super excited when I first arrived in Ubud and saw a vegan buffet restaurant. I jumped up and down saying “we have to go-” but another all-you-can-eat buffet interrupted me. During the 10 minute drive we saw at least five places boasting vegan food and we looked at each other excitedly, hello more vegan food than we could possible ever eat. Yes, there’s dessert too!