New Year’s Fireworks on Charles Bridge, Prague – 2019

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While living in Prague for 20 years, I heard horror stories about being on the Charles Bridge at midnight on New Year’s Eve. After spending 2.5 years abroad, I decided to return and bite the bullet. Crossing this experience off my bucket list was different than expected. Being on the bridge felt extremely safe and the atmosphere was great.

There were police officers there to keep things in check but they didn’t stop anyone from drinking or setting off fireworks. The dangerous part came after, on our walk to our accommodation. The moment we stepped off the bridge, there was lots of chaos and drunken brawls. Do I recommend seeing the fireworks from Charle’s Bridge at least once in your lifetime? Yes, definitely! Will I be doing it again? Probably not.

It was so absolutely breathtaking though, see for yourself:



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