United Skates of America Halloween skating

United Skates of America: Halloween Skating, Rhode Island

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I know it’s almost Thanksgiving, and Christmas music is already playing in Walmart, but let me take you back to Halloween at United Skates of America. Even though I know it feels much longer ago than it really was…

This Halloween we checked off one of my bucket list items by visiting a old fashioned skating rink in Rhode Island. If you’re American then you might be confused, but this is the stuff that us Europeans see in movies and think “oh, that’s so cute and American.” But there’s so much they don’t tell you before you go.

First, two rows of wheels on each skate are actually way harder to balance on than modern skates (not that I am great at those either). Second, basically everyone on the floor is amazing at skating and will be going backwards… that includes my ‘oh I haven’t done this in ages so I probably suck’ husband a.k.a. lying show off!

Anyway, you can get all the info about United Skates of America here. You can get some of the basic info below, but they have other activities and special events all year long! From our experience, the staff is friendly and the place is spotless.

In addition to skating, United Skates of America also offers laser tag, a “giant game room” and rock climbing. This is a great place for kids birthday parties. Also fun for adults just want to blow off some steam. Or publicly embarrass themselves by falling on the rink floor…

P.S. Enjoy our green costumes in the video below. You can read about enjoying a greener Halloween here. We are Eleven and an Egg. I am painfully aware that Isaac looks better than me in my own dress!

The price for different times and dates at United Skates of America.
United Skates of America price sheet.
Old fashioned skating at United Skates of America, Rhode Island for Halloween 2019!


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