Lobster Pot Christmas Tree: Block Island Tradition

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Block Island is a popular summer destination for thousands of American as well as visitors from abroad. It is one of those places that is bustling in the summer and turns into a peaceful town during the colder months. However, it is still a fun place to visit during Christmas!

Although the ferry ride to and from Block Island is not that enjoyable when it’s cold outside, it is worth the trip. Plus you can enjoy a good local beer on the boat for just $4! Not far from the boat dock, you will find the Lobster Port Christmas tree! It is a one of a kind tree that looks great lit up at night as well as in daylight.

You can also enjoy driving around looking at people’s Christmas decorations. Some houses really live it up!

Featured image take from: https://www.rimonthly.com/sail-away-to-block-island-this-black-friday/


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