Big Blue Bug: Rudolf the Red-Nosed… Termite – Christmas in RI

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Move over Rudolf, bring in the Big Blue Bug! Because the residents of Providence favor a giant blue termite decked out in Christmas lights over the boring traditional reindeer. Rhode Island is a quirky little state when it comes to a lot of things. But who could have known that the smallest state with the longest name would have the worlds largest bug?

A fascinating history:

“The “Big Blue Bug” of Providence is a termite, 58 feet long, which is 928 times actual termite size. It was built at a cost of $20,000, made of steel and fiberglass, and weighs two tons.”

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The termite sits on top of the roof of New England Pest Control. The company was actually renamed Big Blue Bug Solutions in 2012 because of the termite’s soaring popularity.

“What’s perhaps most impressive about the bug is that it’s acquired the status of a national celebrity. It’s made appearances on Oprah! and in the movie Dumb and Dumber.”

Road Side America

This is where I should mention that even in its Christmas lights, this bug should not be referred to as Rudolf. Because his name is Nibbles Woodaway!

Not only is he the biggest, most popular bug in all of America, but he is also the only hurricane-proof giant termite in the world. The rest of the building is not as weather resistant. So if a crazy storm ravaged the city, Nibbles would remain standing.

The 27th Lighting:

Christmas in Providence would not be the same without the Big Blue Bug! This year Nick Cardi and his family were honored during the lighting for philanthropic contributions to the community. Although it’s best to see in person, you can see the photos and watch the video of the lighting here.

“Nibbles, who is aglow in 7,500 white lights, is wearing a shiny red nose — just like Rudolph — and reindeer antlers.”

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Nibbles doesn’t just dress up for Christmas. Every major holiday puts this festive bug into a new outfit! Is it weird to be jealous of a metal insect’s sense of fashion?

The Big Blue Bug lighting: December 2019.

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  1. To this day, my sister and I still tap the ceiling of the car and say “Big Bug!” Whenever we pass him (her? It? Them?) It was a tradition when we were younger and still lives on!

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