Ice Bumper Cars: The Providence Rink, Rhode Island

Ice Bumper Cars, Ice Bumper Cars: The Providence Rink, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite

The groundhog claims that winter is almost over, but I’m not so ure. I am prepared for several more months of gloomy coldness here in Rhode Island. While it has been a warm week, I expect temperatures to drop. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Take advantage of this and visit the Ice Bumper Cars at the BankNewport City Center in Providence.

We first discovered the Ice Bumper Cars a few years ago during a visit from abroad. It was right around Christmas time and when we arrived, all slots the day of and upcoming week were fully booked. This December was busy too, so we decided to go in January.

Unfortunately, we booked far ahead of time and didn’t write it down. The date of our booking came and went until we realized we had missed it by two weeks. We called the rink, spoke to several different people and got the email address for the head manager. A few email exchanges later and he had us re-booked free of charge even though it was completely our fault! This alone made me want to recommend the experience to others.

Was it Worth It?

When we finally went, after years of wanting to go, we had a blast. We went on a day when only part of the rink was dedicated to carts and it was quite small. It was also freezing so the 15 minute ride was the perfect amount of time. Controlling the carts was really hard and no one on the ice seemed to get the hang of it. This almost made it more fun.

Ice Bumper Cars have become popular all over the country. We almost went in NYC where it’s significantly more expensive and busy but we changed out minds. In Providence, RI this experience costs $12 on shared ice (only one third of the rink. For full rink you pay $15 and it is only available on certain days). This is also way busier and fills up faster. Next time we go, probably in December 2020, we’ll plan ahead, not be forgetful and enjoy a full rink full of crazy Ice Bumper Cars!

Ice Bumper Cars, Providence, Rhode Island

Ice Bumper Cars, Ice Bumper Cars: The Providence Rink, Rhode Island, The Travel Bug Bite


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