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The BarkBox is the first dog toy subscription that I have ever tried. I recently wrote about Bullymake, which is very similar. I’m not here to compare the two since I love them both. However, I will say that BarkBox is more versatile and offers toys for calm dogs that don’t shred toys.

We rescued Smiley from the Brooklyn ACC in October 2018. Right away I went into crazy dog mom mode and started buying toys. I also immediately subscribed for the BarkBox. Dog toys and snacks are pretty expensive if you’re buying the good stuff. The BarkBox actually helps you save a little!

The regular BarkBox is $22/month and offers $40 worth of goods. This includes two toys, two all-natural bags of treats and an edible chew. The toys are stuffed, usually with squeaky toys or other fun sounds. Since they expect the toys to eventually be destroyed, some toys even have other toys on the inside!

The best part? Everything in the box is themed! So if it’s February, expect Valentine’s day toys and snacks. It is so much fun for dogs and humans alike! You can see the past themes here. Current/future themes are always an exciting mystery!

BarkBox can be customized!

When you first sign up, BarkBox will ask you for your dog’s name, weight, breed, birthday and allergies! This makes sure that the toys come in the correct size and that treats won’t have your dog itching. I can’t speak from experience since I ended my subscription prematurely, but I’m pretty sure they also send a special treat or toy on your pup’s birth month!

BarkBox is available for both nice calm dogs that aren’t destructive monsters but they also have a super chewer option. This is more expensive and offers resistant toys for dogs like Smiley and Pablo. We only tried the stuffed toy boxes because Smiley got so much pleasure from shredding the toys! If I were to subscribe again, I would try out the super chewer.

If you’re thinking of subscribing, message them on Facebook or chat them on their website. The staff is nice and they made give you a discount or extra toy deal on your first box! If you’re still not convinced, check out these photos of Smiley murdering toys.

BarkBox – toy inside a toy! It was a present and Smiley got angry coal.


  1. I subscribed to the super chewer when I had a really strong 60 pound pitty-pup. Sadly, he is gone now, so we are back to a regular box for the other girls who aren’t so determined to destroy everything. The super chewer toys aren’t quite as fun, but they sure are durable. I donated most of them to a shelter where they always need super chewer toys – when I collected them all, I realized we had quite a stash – that’s how tough they are. We love barkbox and are always excited when the box arrives.

    1. Aww, RIP pitty <3 yeah, Smiley actually hated super chewer toys until his brother showed him that they can be fun. He can still destroy most rubber toys though, even Kongs. It just takes him longer! I do love Barkbox so much and wanted to get the word out so more dog parents could experience the joy. I'm so jealous that your other doggos play nicely with the regular toys though. I want nothing more than to see my boys cuddled up to a teddy bear but nope *cue fluff explosion* :'(

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