Crazy Hair Dye: oVertone Review

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I am writing this while binging America’s Next Top Model. The girls are getting makeovers, some are leaving the show and others are merely simply. Then here I am, inspired to write about a super fun topic: oVertone hair dye!

Like most girls, I have gone through many hair changes. I’ve had my hair dyed every natural hair color. I’ve also done bright red, purple and blue. Whenever I’m going through something, or get bored with my look, I love to change up my hair as dramatically as possible. This is one of the reasons that I shaved my head a month ago. Now I’m impatiently waiting for it to grow out a bit so I can dye it purple with my oVertone hair dye.

I have dark brown hair so getting it dyed bright colors usually requires a salon and sometimes bleach. oVertone hair dye is mostly natural and comes in an affordable set. It not only lets me successfully dye my hair purple at home, but they provide a special shampoo that protects it from fading too quickly.

When I first heard of oVertone I was skeptical. I had previously tried Arctic Fox because it’s vegan and healthy for hair. It didn’t work at all although I’m sure it would have looked amazing on bleached hair. It was then that I started seeing ads for oVertone (thanks freaky internet for gathering data and stalking me).

Why do I love oVertone?

  • It actually works! On any hair color. Seriously.
  • They are honest – for every hair dye they will show you how it will look on a particular hair color. They do not exaggerate the color.
  • Their customer support is on point. They actually care.
  • First time shoppers get awesome discounts!
  • They have SO MANY COLOR OPTIONS. There’s something for everyone. They don’t just do the crazy colors either, I have their black hair dye and it’s awesome.
  • It makes my hair feel amazing afterwards – it smells good too!
  • It’s vegan and cruelty free.

What I don’t love about it?

  • They call it “conditioner” but it leaves a pigment in your hair. I went to get my hair dyed gray and the hair dresses did a test bleach. It was months after I used oVertone but the pigment effected it a lot. I don’t expect hair dye that works so well to be perfectly healthy or natural, but I don’t like that they refer to it as conditioner when it is in fact a dye that effects your hair permanently. Still better than other dyes though!

Seriously, oVertone is amazing and you should totally try it if you want to change things up. If you change your hair a lot, I do recommend consulting with a hair dresser first. Since the pigment does stay in your hair, you should consider if you’re going to be bleaching or dying it in the future. Many hairdressers love oVertone but they do warn that it can interfere with other treatments.

Anyway, I bet you’re all dyeing to see my purple hair (see what I did there?) I only used the dye, not the complete set and it did fade into a pink after a few weeks. My natural hair color is pictured below for reference. Ignore the hair cut, I was growing it out.

oVertone, Crazy Hair Dye: oVertone Review, Travel, Reviews, Bugs & More!

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