Poo-Pourri: Spray Before You Go

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This week on my blog, the theme appears to be poop. Two days ago, you got to read about TUSHY, an eco-friendly and affordable bidet attachment. Tomorrow, you can read all about DoodyCalls, a service that picks up your dog’s poop for you. Today, you can read about Poo-Pourri, an evolutionary toilet spray that traps smells inside the toilet. That’s right, you spray BEFORE you go and no one will ever know!

I bought my first Poo-Pourri before it was sold in stores. I wasn’t shopping for toilet spray, but I couldn’t help myself after seeing this advertisement:

My favorite use for Poo-Pourri was at work. Everyone knows that we all poop, but isn’t it better when no one can smell it? I sure think so. I also don’t like having to smell other people’s poop. Since I like to take long baths, my husband will occasionally beg to be let in to poop. Poo-Pourri helped me not murder him for his terrible timing. As long as he sprays three times before going, I don’t smell a thing.

Poo-Pourri as a Gift

Poo-Pourri is also a great gift to give friends and family. Last Christmas we were gift shopping on a budget so it was our go-to. They had really cute bundles for everyone’s needs. They even sold Christmas sweaters for the bottles! How cute is that? They also had a manly toolbox set that was perfect to give to my brother-in-law. Although it was probably more of a gift for his girlfriend than him.

Back in the good old days, when I discovered this company, they only had three basic scents. Since then, they have expanded and gotten creative! Today, for example, they are selling cocktail-scented spray bottles. They have a great variety in general but they are always coming out with new and exciting scents and gift boxes. They are also currently offering free shipping until the end of March on orders over $1.

While the Poo-Pourri containers look tiny, they last a really long time. The spray itself happens to be all-natural and vegan. You can find a complete list of the ingredients they use on their website. Natural oils may not have the ability to cure diseases, but they smell amazing and Poo-Pourri takes full advantage of this.

Check out Poo-Pourri today! Currently, you can buy it at CVS and Amazon. However, I always prefer to buy these directly from the source.



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