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DoodyCalls is a service that looks amazing but one that I haven’t been able to try out for myself. I was really impressed with their ads, Facebook comment responses and customer service. This is why I want to share it with you without trying it out first hand. DoodyCalls is basically the Waggle of dog poop. You can order them to come to your home regularly, whether or not you are there, and pick up after your pet.

When I first heard about this service, I rolled my eyes a little. How hard is it to pick up after your dog? Then I got a second 75-pound dog and I realized, two dogs create a lot of poop. During the winter, we fell behind on picking up after them. After a week or so, there was an hour of poop to clean up that took several trips from yard to trash can! This is when I realized that I would gladly pay someone $12* a week to help me out during the winter months. Unfortunately, they are not in my area.

I discovered DoodyCalls through a Facebook ad that I have seen repeatedly since stalking their page and reading all the amazing comments from customers. According to the comments and reviews, people love them. They also seem to possess magical powers to remove all traces of poop from your yard. Lots of people comment on their ads asking all sorts of questions and they always respond. My favorite question was, “will you pick up chicken poop?” To which they responded, “while we are experts at removing dog poop, some of our staff may be open to picking up chicken poop as well. DM us your location and we’ll find out.”

Unfortunately, DoodyCalls is not available in my area. I did sign up to receive a notification if they do expand to include it. You can check if they are available in your zip code here. Don’t worry about them spamming you. They have had my email for months and I haven’t heard a peep. I also don’t expect to hear from them until I get the email that says, “hey, we are available in your area, here is the quote.”

Even now, during the lockdown, we are still struggling with poop. We pick it up every few days but sometimes we miss one or can’t keep up. Today, our beloved Smiley ran into the house with his paw covered in poop. DoodyCalls, please hurry up and come to West Warwick, Rhode Island! We need you.


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