National Absurdity Day: November 20th

National Absurdity Day, National Absurdity Day: November 20th, The Travel Bug Bite

While social media is full of arguments on whether it is too early to decoration for Christmas, let’s spend today celebrating National Absurdity Day! How does one embrace this absurd holiday? Absurdly… duh! Put on that silly hat, dance around your home naked, do all those crazy things you’ve always wanted to do. As long as they are COVID-safe and don’t threaten to harm you or others, just go for it! If you’re not a wild child, spend the day reading about other people’s absurdities.

National Absurdity Day History

This silly sounding holiday has a pretty serious history. Basically, it began after World War II and the threat of nuclear bombs of the cold war the the tragedies of the Nazi concentration camps were over. Obviously there was an aftermath to all this fear, pain and suffering. So people began to blow off steam by acting absurd. Think back to the books you read in school, such as All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. So many soldiers were just teenagers. The war not only killed people but it also stole the childhoods of those who survived. Taking off that blood-stained uniform and acting silly was a way to release some much needed tension.

“In connection to philosophies like existentialism and nihilism, Absurdists believe while there could be meaning, we will never know, and hence explores that ideology through constructing absurd meaning in things. It began with the idea of Theater in the Absurd, with artists such as Samuel Beckett and Jean Genet creating theatrical works of art that expand on the absurd. The Absurdist movement is still currently active today and there are many parts of the world which have theatrical performances and artistic expression that go along with these ideas.”

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Summary: National Absurdity Day

National Absurdity Day is a great to let out that inner child and just be silly. I know too many people who are all business all the time. Today is the day to still work hard, potentially while wearing a silly hat and outfit. Then after work, skip home singing the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Just like Mr. George W. Banks, saying this stupid fake word WILL make you happier! Go on, try it! Today is the day to be a little (or a lot) crazy.

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National Absurdity Day, National Absurdity Day: November 20th, The Travel Bug Bite

National Absurdity Day, National Absurdity Day: November 20th, The Travel Bug Bite

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