Public Parks that Allow BBQs!

It’s warming up outside and a lot of people are itching to go outside and have a picnic or have a BBQ. But did you know that grilling in parks is mostly illegal? The police can come and fine you and you won’t be able to bribe them with your sausages or burgers. So where…


Exploring the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not as small as you think and Prague isn’t the only cool place to see. If you’ve never been outside of Prague then I recommend checking out the other big cities first.

May 1st Lovers Day

While Valentine’s Day is relatively new to the Czech Republic, globally more and more people against celebrating the overly-commercialized holiday. Czechs have a better way to celebrate love and the history of its development is quite amazing too. On May 1st you will find many couples taking walks through the park and kissing under blooming trees…

What exactly is the Schengen?

When you take the bus to the airport you will hear them announce, “Terminal 1 for flights within the Schengen” and “Terminal 2 for flights outside of the Schengen”. Did you ever wonder what it meant? Here’s a quick and useful geography lesson.

Ice Skating Rinks in Prague

It might be cold and snowy outside but that’s no reason to stay indoors. Czechs like to stay active all year round and in the winter ice skating is a very popular pass time! Get inspired with this list of popular outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks.

Translations KnowHow

One of the services that provides is translations. Czech ministries, schools, employers and landlords like having all your documents in Czech. So we frequently get translation inquiries.

Household Insurance – Why and How

How carefully did you read your contract? Do you know that a lot of landlords add a clause about you being responsible for insuring your flat? Did you know that it’s very easy and cheap to insure your flat? No one likes to think of negative ‘what ifs’, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than…

Comprehensive Health Insurance February 2015 DISCOUNT

The most common months to get insurance are January/February and August/September. Is your insurance expiring?  Don’t worry, we can help you get a new one! We would like to offer you a special February discount! You can get almost 3 months of insurance for free! (Since this article was published, prices have dropped even further! It…

Discover the Services at the Reach of your Hand

Some of you have rented a flat from us and others come to our monthly MeetUps. But did you know that provides a whole variety of services?

The Czech Obesity Epidemic

Czech food is delicious! But is it healthy? Many foreigners indulge on Czech traditional dishes several times a week and get used to drinking a beer with every lunch – the discounts on beer during lunch time don’t help either! The World Health Organization is referring to the increasing rate of weight gain in the Czech Republic as an…