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Olena is an aspiring author who enjoys all forms of writing from travel blogging to fiction. Born in Ukraine, raised in the Czech Republic and currently living in China with her American husband, travel has always been a big part of her life.

With a B.A. in International Relations from Anglo American University in Prague and the hopes of studying Environmental Health Science at CUNY, Olena juggles various hobbies and interests while working on finishing and publishing her first novel!

I’ve been working on my first novel since 2014! I finished my first draft years ago and scrapped almost the entire thing. Since then it has changed, grown and is close to being finished and ready for editing. I hope to publish a short story based on the full length book in the near future! Stay tuned for the book that combines adventure, romance and my biggest passion in life: travel.

Please visit my author website and subscribe if you would like to receive updates about my progress and to be the first to know once my book is ready to be published!

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