Hunting the Aurora Borealis in Norway (Guest Post)

Actually, I hate the cold. since I can remember I am trying to flee into countries where the sun is shining and it is at least 25 degrees. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way it looks when outside everything is covered in white and the sounds are dulled, everything seems so quiet and peaceful, but I cannot handle the cold…


Train to Tokyo, Japan Travel (Guest Post)

The train from Osaka to Tokyo is about 4 hours. We ended up taking a train from Osaka to Tokyo and then from Tokyo to Hiroshima a few days after that. My point is that we had an odd experience on the train but I don’t recall on which train ride it happened. I’m pretty sure it was on the train ride from Osaka to Tokyo…

Some Words About Sheida Nasseri (Guest Post)

I did like ten steps backward…
1. Getting rid of my car
2. Getting rid of my own flat into sharing a flat
3. Getting rid of my stable salary into doing onside jobs …

But gaining, therefore…
1. More knowledge
2. The chance to travel and work in Bangkok for 6 months
3. Getting to know wonderful people and feel younger and party as much as possible 😀

The New York Explorer Pass Saved Me $100 – 2018

The New York Explorer Pass did, in fact, save me $100, this isn’t just click bait. But it could have saved me even more! Or nothing at all… The New York Explorer Pass is the way to go if you want to use it to do some expensive tours and sightseeing, however, it can also lose you money if you only use it for the cheaper options.