Flying a Drone Over a Jet Ski in Bali (Video)

This was one of the first times we flew our DJI Phantom 3 SE over the water. Isaac flew while I did the jet skiing and he only almost decapitated me once!


How to Get Free Coffee in Bali, Indonesia 2018

Another clickbait title that shouldn’t upset you, because the answer is simple: you can get free coffee in Bali by going to literally any coffee plantation. They all offer a tray full of free coffees and teas to try, including rose tea, durian coffee and a delicious vegan hot chocolate. The only coffee that you need to pay for is Luwak coffee, which we didn’t drink because we 1. tried it before and 2. consider it cruel.

Jet Skiing in Bali, Travel 2018 (Video)

One of the highlights of my 10 day trip to Bali was a 15-minute ride on a jet ski (my first time!) while my husband filmed the first 5 minutes of it with our drone, almost decapitating me once and managing to slice his arm while landing. Oh, the stories we have to tell our future grandchildren…

Flying Over Rice Fields: Ubud, Bali 2018

First, we flew over the rice fields of Ubud, Bali using our drone, next in a swing! As inexperienced drone flyers with an expensive drone, I’m honestly not sure which was more terrifying…

Cheap $5/Person/Night Airbnb in Ubud, Bali 2018

Please excuse the clickbait title of this blog post, there is no single cheap Airbnb in Ubud! In fact, most Airbnbs and Guest Houses have a similar price that will take your breath away. On average, a room (or in this case, mini-house) that can sleep four people in two double beds costs $15 per night for three people. At this particular place, it included a free breakfast (eggs, pancakes and/or fruit) and a steaming cup of coffee!

Bali Basics: Trip Highlights & Summary 2018

In February 2018, my husband, mother-in-law and I spent 10 days exploring the wonderful island of Bali! We stayed busy during this time and visited between two and five places a day! We were on a mission to discover everything it had to offer. As a result we are now self-proclaimed experts on what to do and see in Bali and I have an overwhelming 43 videos in my Bali 2018 YouTube playlist.

Ubud, Bali: A Vegan Food Paradise 2018

When I talked to my Indonesian friends about finding vegan food in Bali and they were skeptical. They told me that Indonesians are obsessed with their meat and all traditional dishes are loaded with animal products. I’ve always been able to find plenty of vegan options despite meat eaters claiming that I’ll starve to death in their country… so I wasn’t too worried but I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to feast on delicious unhealthy vegan comfort food. #firstworldveganproblems

Cebu 2018: Bus from Cebu City to Dalaguete

To get from Cebu City to Dalaguete, we had to take a 3 hour bus from the Cebu South Bus Station. We weren’t given too much information, except that the buses leave all the time and the internet didn’t give us any useful details either. Luckily, our taxi driver pointed us in the right direction….

10 Tips for Travelling to Bali

Bali is a wonderful place to visit from anywhere in the world, at any time of year. To get you ready for your trip, here are some tips for travelling to Bali. The first 5 are tips for preparing to go, and the last 5 are things to keep in mind after you’ve arrived. 1….

Bali Holiday: A 10(ish) Day Itinerary

So you’re thinking about a trip to Bali, or at least a way to vicariously live through a fantasy trip, but you aren’t sure what you’ll have the time or money to do there. Well, we’ve just returned from an unforgettable trip in Bali, and we managed to do everything we dreamed of and more,…