Fake News and Social Media Journalism

Jones believes that journalism must continue to evolve to remain relevant, and newspapers can no longer depend solely on print to be profitable. His newspaper had to recently start charging their readers for their online content to avoid losing money. In addition to this, “traditional news organizations must now redefine what makes news,” said Daniel Moore, editor-in-chief of the Kent State University newspaper. As entertainment and traditional blend together it is important to pose the question, ‘Does a Twitter trend equal news?’


French wine events offer a choice of wax celebrities or sushi

Wine company Dvě Deci is having two events. The most accessible is a French wine tasting at newly opened waxworks Musée Grévin on Celená Street. The May 21 event, just the fourth in the new space, will have wines selected by master sommelier and Dvě Deci cofounder Jean Michel Deluc, who has recommended wines to people ranging…