Never Get Lost Again with This App!

The public transportation system in the Czech Republic is known for being one of the best in Europe. It may be organized, very timely and cheap, but it can be hard to use if you are new in Prague or don’t speak Czech. Things are also constantly changing and the information displayed at tram/bus stops…


Standardized Allergy Charts in Czech Restaurants

Ordering food in a foreign language can be difficult. Sometimes you order a pickled sausage and get a jar of lard instead. But what if you get something that you are very allergic to?

Bookmark This: Exotic Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

There is something about a little coffee drink on a winter afternoon or  evening meeting with a friends that just always works. We have collected some of the best recipes of  coffee drinks from all over the World that you can make at home. Enjoy.

The Pub – the Perks and Dangers of Pouring Your Own Beer

Do you hate waiting to be brought your beer? Do you hate when you get too much foam? Or too little? Are you ever tempted to just go behind the bar and just get it yourself? All your problems can be fixed with a trip to The Pub. I don’t mean the pub down the road,…