Luna Park in Coney Island, NYC

Luna Park adventure at Coney Island, NYC!


Is Kyiv, Ukraine Safe to Visit?

Kyiv is also not the only safe place to visit in Ukraine. There are dozens of safe and exciting places to see. The only reason I spend most of my trips to Ukraine exclusively in Kyiv is because that’s where my parent’s live.

Vegan Meals on Flights

Obviously, different airlines have different standards. On our Chinese flights, there was a little less creativity in the meal. There was no vegan butter and the dessert was a simple fruit salad. On our more recent Singapore Airlines flight, on the other hand, there was not one but two meals with a different fancy dessert each time.

Why You Should Order Pet Supplies from

This past week, I was picking out a new food for Smiley on because I wanted something with fewer ingredients. Amazon had it for $10 cheaper, but here is why I chose to buy it from Chewy…

New Year, New Me! Kind of… Maybe.

At the end of every year, I always sit down to reflect and write new year’s resolutions. I don’t care that it’s cliche or that some things won’t change no matter how much I work for it. It’s nice to have goals no matter what! Anyway, one of my goals is to get back on…