Auto tech companies battle chilly winds of Russian economy

With the Russian automobile industry in decline, companies need to develop new strategies to keep up sales and improve growth, Olena Kagui investigates.



Random food cravings, hatred for carrying heavy bags and fear going outside in the cold all have one solution: ordering food online. Most people are aware of the many websites that deliver ready made food, such as Dame Jidlo but it is becoming increasingly more popular to order groceries online. There is a lot of competition between companies that offer this service. Many of them are less than a year old and are constantly changing and improving their services and prices. For this reason they also offer special discounts and offers to first time buyers. The following four companies offer slightly different products and/or services.

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Places To Go: A Maze in Tchaiovna

“A Maze in Tchaiovna” is a teahouse that originally opened in June 2014 in Letná. After gaining a great deal of popularity over the past year, they moved to a bigger location in Hradčanská in October 2015. “A Maze in Tchaiovna” has a wide selection of teas, vegetarian and vegan toasties along with a draft IPA beer and bottled Svijany.

Starting A Company: Advice From Mark Daly

“Get your finances in order, work hard, and enjoy the hustle,” is the advice that Mark Daly gives to young entrepreneurs, “Your business is a living, breathing thing, and it grows and changes with time. Enjoy watching it grow and evolve.”