Cinema City Club Card – is it worth it?

The Cinema City Club Card costs 50 czk and is valid for a year. So if you go to the cinema more than 3 times in one year, it’s worth it. It takes 20 czk off the price of 2D and 3D tickets and you get 10% off of everything you purchase which you can use to buy tickets…


Abducted by a Party Tram

On our way home from dinner at U Žíznivého Jelena, Isaac and I saw a one-car tram at our stop, mistaking it for the 7 we ran to get it. The closer we got the stranger it looked. Standing in front of it we saw that there wasn’t a tram number but a strange logo instead….

Bar Hopping on Czech Christmas

Czech’s celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December but they have public holidays from the 24th until the 26th. So what happens if you want to grab a beer and lunch in the city center on Christmas? I’t not an easy task. I set out at 15:30 with my boyfriend Isaac and headed for our regular spot, Nagano…

Chasing Running Sushi in Prague

Running sushi is an amazing invention. For those who have never hear of it, it’s all you can eat sushi that ‘runs’ by you on a conveyor belt. How does this experience work? You come to the restaurant, sit down, order a drink and then the fun begins. There are plastic doors that you open…

Santa Con in Prague, Christmas 2014

Santa Con is an event that happens all over the world! Basically, people come together dressed as Santa and walk around singing carols. In Prague this event happened on December 13th and was a combination of dressing up, singing carols, bar-hopping and raising money for charity! The Prague event is organized annually by Kate Powers…

10 Unique Christmas Meals From Around the World

In Albania it is traditional to eat pumpkin and walnut pie. In the West these meals are usually typical for Thanksgiving and pumpkins are associated with Halloween. But in Albania, especially in Catholic families, it is typical to eat the traditional pie on Christmas Eve.

Aloha, Man! Some Words About the State Ideology of Happiness

Youth today is raised in a society that teaches us to study hard so that we can find a good job and work hard so that we can live well. Most people go through this stressful cycle day by day – but not everyone agrees that this is what life should be like.

The 5 Largest Christmas Trees 2014

This year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they have a floating tree that is 85 meters tall and decorated with 3.1 million lights. The tree weighs 542 tons!

Meet Top 10 Weird Christmas Trees

Doctors have Christmas spirit too. This is great since fun and joy is needed in a hospital more than anywhere else.