Cinema City Club Card – is it worth it?

, Cinema City Club Card – is it worth it?, Travel, Reviews, Bugs & More!

The Cinema City Club Card costs 50 czk and is valid for a year. So if you go to the cinema more than 3 times in one year, it’s worth it. It takes 20 czk off the price of 2D and 3D tickets and you get 10% off of everything you purchase which you can use to buy tickets or refreshments. Cinema City is the best known cinema in Prague so they don’t have that much competition, but they still know how to keep customers hooked.

I went to see Interstellar yesterday at Metropole and I bought the tickets online ahead of time. This only costs 5 czk and allows you to buy student price tickets. Unfortunately my smart phone decided to die on me so when I got to the cinema, I had no e-ticket. They had to call the manager but I got my tickets in 5 minutes without any problems.

Earlier that day I was on Facebook and saw a Christmas Cinema City offer, free popcorn for liking their page and sharing it with a friend – the friend gets free popcorn too. I had to try it out and sent the link to the person I was seeing the movie with and we both got free small popcorn. Even though we arrived just 10 minutes before out movie, we had the time to go to the bathroom, buy coffee, get free popcorn and get our tickets without rushing. So it really does pay off to have the card and Cinema City has been working hard at keeping their customers satisfied.

I’ve been to the Cinema City at Slovansky Dum, Flora, Andel and yesterday I went to Zlicin for the first time in over a decade and was very satisfied. The cinema was much smaller than I’m used to but everything was perfect. I definitely recommend buying the card even if you’re not a frequent cinema-goer. There are other benefits including a surprise present on your birthday!

, Cinema City Club Card – is it worth it?, Travel, Reviews, Bugs & More!

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