Abducted by a Party Tram

, Abducted by a Party Tram, The Travel Bug Bite

On our way home from dinner at U Žíznivého Jelena, Isaac and I saw a one-car tram at our stop, mistaking it for the 7 we ran to get it. The closer we got the stranger it looked. Standing in front of it we saw that there wasn’t a tram number but a strange logo instead. The tram only had a few passengers and they were dancing to thumping music under a disco ball. Intrigued, we stepped closer and one of the bouncers dressed as a tram conductor welcomed us onto the tram. He explained the tram’s circuit and offered us a 40 czk can of beer that they were selling out of a cooler.

We agreed to try it out but just for one stop, after all it was on a work night. The guy just laughed and said ‘right’ before attending to other newcomers. We drank we danced and like he predicted, we didn’t get off. The tram started at Andel and stopped for a while at one of the tram resting spots just past Na Knizeci. From there the tram went back through Andel and into the center. We went through Karlovo Namesti, Lazarska, Vaclavske Namesti, Namesti Republiky, across the river through Malostranska and back the end stop was at Narodni Divadlo where many continued to a club recommended by the the Party Starters. More and more people got on, happily torn away from their original evening plans.

The event was organized by Party Starters, they have a Facebook page too. This was their third tram party in 2014 and it originally began in Plzen. Here’s a video, I do not own any rights to it:

, Abducted by a Party Tram, The Travel Bug Bite

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