Tick 101

Hiking and picnicking in the park  are popular summer activities and there are many amazing places to do it. There are no dangerous snakes or spiders in the Czech Republic. The only dangerous animal in the Czech Republic is much smaller than a bear or wolf: it’s a tick.



Easter in the Czech Republic

Easter is a popular Christian holiday celebrated by many around the world. However according to the 2010 Eurobarometer Poll, Czech Republic is the 5th most atheist country in Europe. According to this poll, 16% believe that there is a God, 44% believe that there is some sort of spirit, and 37% don’t believe in any type of spirit, God or life force. But Czechs still love to celebrate Easter and have many unique customs, some involving whips…


Second Hand Shopping in Prague

Many newcomers to Prague don’t know how long they’ll be staying. This makes shopping for furniture and clothes difficult. However Prague has a lot of second hand shopping options, and even places where you can easily sell everything once you move!


Public Parks that Allow BBQs!

It’s warming up outside and a lot of people are itching to go outside and have a picnic or have a BBQ. But did you know that grilling in parks is mostly illegal? The police can come and fine you and you won’t be able to bribe them with your sausages or burgers.

So where exactly can you BBQ legally?


What exactly is the Schengen?

When you take the bus to the airport you will hear them announce, “Terminal 1 for flights within the Schengen” and “Terminal 2 for flights outside of the Schengen”. Did you ever wonder what it meant? Here’s a quick and useful geography lesson.


Ice Skating Rinks in Prague

It might be cold and snowy outside but that’s no reason to stay indoors. Czechs like to stay active all year round and in the winter ice skating is a very popular pass time! Get inspired with this list of popular outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks.