Santa Con in Prague, Christmas 2014

, Santa Con in Prague, Christmas 2014, The Travel Bug Bite

Santa Con is an event that happens all over the world! Basically, people come together dressed as Santa and walk around singing carols. In Prague this event happened on December 13th and was a combination of dressing up, singing carols, bar-hopping and raising money for charity!

The Prague event is organized annually by Kate Powers who makes a public event for it on Facebook and organizes discounts at pubs, bars and clubs for people wearing a Santa Clause hat.

It started at 17:00 at The Globe Cafe, a popular expat meeting place, with happy hour drink specials (Cuba Libre, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and more for 69 czk! Beer for 25). Then at 19:00 the group moved to Hard Rock Cafe, a chain of awesome cafes around the world, I try to visit one in every city! We got two cocktails for the price of one, so 150czk – 200 czk, even for a Long Island Iced Tea! The finest Czech beer Pilsner was only 35 czk, and we got to enjoy our drinks on a private floor reserved just for us!

After Hard Rock, we moved to the main event, singing carols in Old Town Square! We sang as we walked and then got on stage in the historical square for a few verses. Then we continued by the tree. Even though it was quite warm, around 7 degrees Celcius, the Christmas spirit took over whole group and everyone who listened to us sing.

Next the group split up like it often does but we all ended up in Vodka Bar Propaganda around 21:30. We got free entrance and free welcome shots! There was live music and as usual, lots of new expats for us to meet. There was also a unique bartender who wore a Santa hat, and occasionally pants. At around 23:00 the group went to Double Trouble and got more free welcome shots and partied on, beforLucerna! At Lucerna those who made it there got free entrance (that usually costs 100 czk) and danced the night away. I have no doubt that many Santas lost their hats along with a few memories of the awesome night.

The Facebook event page had 122 people signed up. It is hard to say how many actually came with people coming and leaving at different times. But those who came contributed to the 2,500 czk that were donated to Dobry Andel, a Czech charity that helps family with children who have cancer and other serious sicknesses.

I definitely recommend coming next year, it’ll be even bigger, better and will raise even more money. Last year we raised 1,000 less than this year, lets keep this upwards trend going!

, Santa Con in Prague, Christmas 2014, The Travel Bug Bite

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