VIP Services at in Prague

Did you know that when renting an apartment with us, you get VIP services for 12 months for free?

The quick version: How to become a VIP:
Being very important is nice,
but always comes with a price.
But not with –
rent a flat and be VIP for free!
Normally costing thousands a year,
but with a flat you’re in the clear.
What is VIP service you ask?
Listing it all is quite the task…
Czech-only officials look mean? Act sour?
Free assistance for an hour!
You can also write or call;
we’ll answer your questions for no cost at all!
Our parties/events will also be cheap,
come meet new people, who needs to sleep?
You’ll get a discount with immigration;
quicker visa and less frustration.
Do you have problems you can’t approach?
We’ll throw in one hour with a personal coach!
There’s no need for hesitation,
below you’ll find more structured information.
VIP is the cool minority,
and we’ll always give you priority.


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