Jane’s Carousel: 100 Years in NYC

For $2, you can ride a 100 year old carousel with a view of New York City!

We moved to New York City this past August. Before looking for an apartment or job hunting, we dived head first into exploring and local travel! We ran into Jane’s Carousel accidentally while enjoying the views of the city from Brooklyn’s Dumbo. ¬†For only $2 we could ride this historic carousel. Who said that carousels are just for children?

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Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

One thought on “Jane’s Carousel: 100 Years in NYC”

  1. We love a good carousel. The one at Central Park is stunning as is the one at Prospect Park. Both date back over 100 years and make you feel like you’ve truly stepped back in time. Late welcome to life in NYC – we’re expats too!

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