6 Essential Gadgets for Long Flights

, 6 Essential Gadgets for Long Flights, The Travel Bug Bite

Long flights can be challenging and tiring due to sitting in restricted space, with less leg room, shared armed rests to stretch, noisy fellow fliers, and delayed jet lag upon reaching the destination. Economy seats are often not equipped with facilities similar to business class or premier seats for a comfortable flight journey hence investing in good travel gadgets helps in having a pleasant time while flying.  These gadgets can assist in sleeping better, sitting more comfortably, enjoying your choice of entertainment, and canceling the noise around you for a better experience on a long-haul flight. This article highlights a few necessary gadgets from abundant resources that perfectly blend comfort and usability.

1) Travel Pillow

Sleep is vital during travel for your body to feel comfortable and not be impacted by jet lag. A pillow is generally a great idea in travel; it comes in handy in various types of travel, be it road or air.  Travel pillows might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of the most convenient gadgets that often come with a compression bag that can easily hang from a backpack.A soft foam neck pillow usually fits cozily around your neck, resting on the shoulders; a wide range of models are available to choose from that suit any sleeping position. There is also a famous ergonomic travel pillow made of hyper-squish foam, which is supportive, less bulky, and rebounds dynamically.

2) An Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Sitting for a long time can put immense pressure on the hip and tailbone, and economy flight seats do not always have the best proper posture support, which can cause enormous pain. An ergonomic seat cushion can help alter your posture by providing lumbar support and reducing stress on muscles, joints, and bones.  There are multiple options for a portable cushion that promotes a neutral body shape; the two features that relieve pressure are dense memory foam and a cut-out design. When memory foam comes in contact with body heat, it softens the material and takes the body’s shape. Additionally, ergonomic seat cushion also aids in blood circulation, boost reducing compressions, and enhances blood flow.

3) Noise Canceling Headphones

Flight journeys can be daunting and noisy, with children crying, playing, and cribbing. Some fellow passengers talking out loud during a full-blown conversation accompanied by the uproar of the continuous aircraft sound. However, using the right headphones can cancel out this unnecessary noise.Noise-canceling headphones function as a sleep aid on long-haul flights by helping you zone out from the chaos and are one of the best ways to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and music. The current headphones technology makes it easy to carry during journeys, often in small cases like the AirPods (yes, you can use AirPods on a plane) or foldable portable headsets. This travel gadget can be expensive but is durable and makes journeys comfortable.

4) Facial Wipes and Hydrating Moisturizer

Traveling long distances on airplanes can be stressful and exhausting and often cause the skin to look patchy, dry, and lackluster. Carrying some skincare essentials, such as facial wipes and hydrating moisturizer, is recommended to look alive and, at best, given the long-haul flight journey circumstances.Opting for gentle facial wipes is helpful while on the plane; it suits almost every skin type and is safe around the delicate eye area. These masks are refreshing and do not require you to rinse your face and hence can avoid constant stares of stepping out from the seat. After using face wipes, it is crucial to hydrate your face with a facial moisturizer to prevent flaky and dry skin.  These simple skincare essentials can help you look ravishing even on the flight.

5) Sleep Mask

Considering the cramped space and restricted leg movement, falling asleep can be hard on long flight journeys. Sleep masks are often helpful on these journeys to block light and provide a darker environment in every flight setting. Gentle pressure on the head and the face area generates a sense of calm, aiding better restful sleep.Choosing the right eye mask is the key to great sleep; it can prevent dry eyes from prolonged screen usage, reduce wrinkles by relaxing the eye area and encourage a healthier flight routine. Various types of sleep masks are available for every need, such as slip silk, cashmere, padded eyes, face masks, and many more.

6) Portable Power Bank

Long flights often call for fluctuating battery percentages in technology gadgets such as phones and tablets. Portable power banks are one of the most important travel essentials that come in handy when the charging ports in flights are faulty, and they are durable if purchased a good one. However, it is recommended to read the flight’s policy against carrying power banks before going on a long-haul flight.Power banks should only be packed in carry-on bags, and there are sometimes certain airplane restrictions regarding the size of the power banks depending on the country you board the flight. Hence it is advised to pay close attention to these details.

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, 6 Essential Gadgets for Long Flights, The Travel Bug Bite

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