Don’t Fear Un-refrigerated Eggs!

There is a popular misconception in most Western countries that eggs need to be refrigerated. While there are many arguments for and against refrigerating eggs, it is a fact that it is not dangerous to eat eggs that have not been in a fridge.

The simple test to see if an egg is good to eat or not is placing the eggs in a bowl/pot of water and see if they sink or float. Floating eggs should be thrown away – they have gone bad and are not safe to eat. Any eggs that sink should be safe. Caution: this doesn’t test for diseases such as salmonella!

The floating vs. sinking test also works for slightly cracked eggs. I usually test any cracked eggs as soon as I get home and cook them immediately if they sink. Keep in mind that cooked eggs should be eaten the next day or the day after that. Cooked eggs don’t last forever and there’s no sink or float test for them.

Most Chinese super markets and many outdoor vendors sell eggs that have never been refrigerated. These eggs are completely safe to eat. I’ve been buying ridiculously cheap eggs bought on the street in the middle of boiling summer and eating them raw in smoothies without any complications.

Please keep in mind that if you buy eggs that have been in the fridge, they must be kept in a fridge. I once had a bunch of eggs sitting in a hot car and they went bad. However if you buy eggs that have never been in a fridge, you can either leave them out on your counter or refrigerate them. Just know that once eggs have been in a fridge, they must stay in one.

If you love eggs, make sure to try traditional Chinese Jian Bing!


Author: olenakagui

The bug-biting blogger bitten by the travel bug. Writing articles and blogs since 2012.

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