Getting Aliexpress to Deliver to China!

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Aliexpress has been growing in popularity all over the world. People are slowly getting over the misconception that “made in China” means bad quality. You can save so much by ordering clothes and electronics “wholesale”. Due to some confusing legal mumbo-jumbo, Aliexpress doesn’t deliver to China.

A lot of online stores in Europe and the US actually mass-buy cheap items on Aliexpress and sell them for twice the price to unknowing customers. I was about to buy 3 cute dresses for $15 each before Googling “wholesale strawberry skater dress” and finding it for significantly less.

Many people living in China don’t care about Aliexpress not delivering to China because it’s owned by the same company that runs Taobao. Almost all of the items sold on Aliexpress are available on Taobao for a much lower cost. With time and determination, you can find anything you want on Taobao. But there are exceptions…

I found around 20 of my dream dresses for just $8 each on Aliexpress. I searched and searched on Taobao for days and I only managed to find 18 of the desired designs for as little as $3 each! However, two of my favorite designs were nowhere to be found.

Frustrated, I decided to message the seller on Aliexpress to ask the illegal question: “Do you have a shop on Taobao?” The answer, which was likely a lie, was “no”.

I complained to the owner, explaining that I was in China and it was too bad that Aliexpress couldn’t deliver here. The owner replied in a giggling emoticon, told me to make the order with a random US address and then message him my Chinese address. Voila – he’ll be refunding the extra delivery fee via Alipay and I’ll have my two dream dresses.

Next time you want to buy something on Aliexpress and can’t find it on Taobao, try casually messaging the store owner. Just tell them you live in China and ask if they have a delivery solution. As long as you’re not trying to go around Aliexpress, it’s not even illegal.

Never forget – ANYTHING is possible in China!


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