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Whether you are a runner, participate in sports competitively or have a bunch of childhood medals that you want to show off – good storage or a way to display them can be a head-scratcher. There are display stands that can be purchased. But you can also create your own and save some money such as using a curtain rod to hold your medals!

flybold Sports Marathon Medal Display Hanger Holder

This $30 display is as simple as it gets yet it holds a lot. This hanger holds 40 medals, 100 runner race bibs and has 20 flip pouches for various memorabilia such as photos. You can buy it on Amazon using the link here.

iBobbish Medal Holder Display Hanger Rack

This display hanger rack is only for medals, not bibs. There are so many out there like this with various quotes. But as a lady, I love this one because it says “She believed she could, so she did.” This can hold up to 60 medals and is a more affordable option for just $17. You can buy it on Amazon using this link.

Miayork Medal Holder Display Hanger Rack

If you prefer something super simple without quotes or bling, this is the way to go. This simple metal hanger can hold up to 60 medals weighing 8 kilos (17.5 lbs) total. You can buy it using this Amazon link for $13.

Running On The Wall – Medal Display

If you have a higher budget and want something a little fancier, this is the way to go! There are a few different kinds:

  • A smaller one with a motivational quote for $35 that you can buy on Amazon here.
  • A bigger one with several color options that also fits bibs and a photo for $65 that you can buy on Amazon here.
  • A bigger one with several color options that also fits bibs for $54 that you can buy on Amazon here.

Iheipye Medal Display Shadow Box

It’s not always about quantity. If you only want to display one or three medals, this shadow box is the perfect option. You can include photos and put all the focus on just one, or three, events. You can buy this on Amazon for $21.

Sports Specific

They give medals for a lot of different activities, not just running! There are quite a few fun ones specific to certain sports and activities:

Triathalon: Swim, Bike and Run

Available for $19 on Amazon.


Available on Amazon for $20.


Available on Amazon for $33.


Available on Amazon for $25.


Most of these medal racks are running related but this one is definitely special! If you have the money and enough medals to fill it. This is a great option, available on Amazon for $60.

Medal Lamp

Finally, if these racks are all too boring or not practical enough for you, check out this lamp! It sells for a whopping $125 on Amazon, but it might just be worth it.

Have a rack already but not enough medals to fill it with? There are so many virtual races out there that will have you running every day if you want. Check out some of my other reviews of the other companies that I’ve done this with:

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