US Road Running: Virtual Races

US Road Running, US Road Running: Virtual Races, The Travel Bug Bite

US Road Running is one of dozens of companies that organize virtual races. I feel like a broken record because I have already written about two other companies that do this. However, they are all very different! In the future, I may stick to US Road Running exclusively because they are by far the cheapest!

Virtual races occasionally have free registration if you’re only interested in the motivational push and no medal, bib or shirt. Usually they cost between $30 and $70 depending on the company and the accessories. I normally go for just the medal, which is generally cheaper.

Recently, I was super tempted by a $75 race that comes with a huge six-piece medal once you finish walking or running the distance across the USA. I couldn’t justify signing up when US Road Running has races for just $10.99. It gets even cheaper if you sign up for 10 medals in advance and just pay $99. I may do this once I finish all my other virtual races and will avoid the temptation for now.

So far I have only received one of their packages that included a bib and medal. The medal is absolutely beautiful! Both are now sitting on my treadmill while I re-train to run a 5k. Turns out that sitting on your butt binge eating and drinking for a month can set you back big time.

Another exciting thing about US Road Running is that they send you the medal and bib within a week of signing up! Most races have weeks of waiting and you don’t get the medal until you run the race. I feel like getting the medal first is more motivating. I run way faster staring at a medal that I won’t allow myself to wear until I succeed.

The other virtual races I have signed up for include the Social Distancing Run and The Conqueror. You can read about the on The Travel Bug Bite!

US Road Running, US Road Running: Virtual Races, The Travel Bug Bite

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