The Woman in the Wall by Patrice Kindl: Book Review

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I had just finished Odd Child Out and was slightly tipsy from wine tasting. I wanted a find shorter book that would still be interesting. So I browsed my library, packed to the brim with second-hand books from Saver’s 50% off days. That’s when I found The Woman in the Wall by Patrice Kindl!

The girl on the cover looks freakishly like my cousin and the blurb caught my attention. From the moment I started reading, I was hooked. Despite this being a book for a younger audience, it was really good. The only thing that I didn’t love was the ending. This cost the otherwise amazing story one star in my book.

What is it About?

“Anna is more than shy. She is nearly invisible. At seven, terrified of school, Anna retreats within the walls of her family’s enormous house, and builds a world of passageways and hidden rooms. As the years go by, people forget she ever existed. Then a mysterious note is thrust through a crack in the wall, and Anna must decide whether or not to come out of hiding. Patrice Kindl’s astounding, inventive novel blends fantasy and reality — and readers will not forget it.”


I found Anna a fascinating character because we can all relate to being shy. She takes it to the next level and is almost invisible to even her own family members. Her family views her shyness as a disability and in a way she can’t function like a regular girl because of her fears. Despite all this, she is really smart and extremely handy with her missing dad’s tools.

If you are anything like my husband, you will love how this girl doesn’t have the typical smarts. At just seven years old, she manages to keep their ginormous house in great shape. This is barely noticed or appreciated. As the story progresses, Anna grows and transforms through puberty into a woman. As she and her siblings get older, things change for Anna.

Despite the disappointing ending, I would definitely recommend this book. I read it in just a few hours in a single sitting. My English teacher would have loved to analyze this book on a deeper level. I am definitely going to keep an eye out on more Patrice Kindl books!

You can buy The Woman in the Wall by Patrice Kindle on Amazon here.

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