Social Distancing Run: Virtual Marathon Training Academy Race

Social Distancing Run, Social Distancing Run: Virtual Marathon Training Academy Race, The Travel Bug Bite

COVID-19 has seriously impacted my workout routine. Prior to this craziness I actually managed to lose 15 pounds in just six weeks. In the past month, I have gained almost all of it back despite having a treadmill in my home. Thanks stress-eating. Yesterday I received an email that a race I registered for in July was canceled. So I decided to find fitness motivation elsewhere. That’s when I came across the Social Distancing Run!

Virtual races are not a new things. I recently wrote an article about a different challenge that I am registered for. The progress I’m making is really slow but that’s better than nothing. I’m hoping that registering for the Social Distancing Run by the Marathon Training Academy will help push me. Plus the medal is coronavirus themed, which is fitting to the occasion.

Social Distancing Run, Social Distancing Run: Virtual Marathon Training Academy Race, The Travel Bug Bite

You can register for this race for free, but if you want a medal you will have to pay $30. Registration includes an invite to a Facebook group with other runners. They also have a public Facebook group that anyone can join.

This race is slightly different than a regular virtual race. This one has a deadline: end of May. It also isn’t about how much you run until then. It’s meant to train you to run a half marathon or a full marathon and to run it by the end of May. If you don’t manage a half marathon, you can just do a 10k or even a 5k. If you’re crazy, you can go for 50k!

Why Virtual Races?

Virtual races are great because they allow you to run at your own pace. You can run outside or on a treadmill and you are in charge with tracking your own progress. Some virtual races allow walking, swimming and other forms of exercising to count towards the end goal. Once you finish, you let them know via app or however they instruct and they will send you a medal.

I signed up for virtual races before the lockdown to keep me motivated between real races. One perk is that these virtual races are generally cheaper than in-person ones. They also let you go at your own pace and can be a great tool in making you a better runner.

So far, I’m only signing up for this virtual race on top of the three I’m already a part of. But if the quarantine continues, I may be signing up for some more. I can’t be the only one who’s motivated by cute medals, right?


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