Places To Go: A Maze in Tchaiovna

“A Maze in Tchaiovna” is a teahouse that originally opened in June 2014 in Letná. After gaining a great deal of popularity over the past year, they moved to a bigger location in Hradčanská in October 2015. “A Maze in Tchaiovna” has a wide selection of teas, vegetarian and vegan toasties along with a draft IPA beer and bottled Svijany.

Places To Go: Cat Cafe Social Point

The Cat Cafe (Kočkafe) is a unique concept, new to the Czech Republic. The cafe offers a learning room, living room, cinema room, game room and kitchen. However the real highlights of the cafe are the four cats that roam around, play and try to steal your food. The living room is full of comfortable couches, a PS3 with many games, a large flat screen, cat toys and a shelf full of board games.