French wine events offer a choice of wax celebrities or sushi

Wine company Dvě Deci is having two events. The most accessible is a French wine tasting at newly opened waxworks Musée Grévin on Celená Street. The May 21 event, just the fourth in the new space, will have wines selected by master sommelier and Dvě Deci cofounder Jean Michel Deluc, who has recommended wines to people ranging from the Queen of England and Lady Diana to Woody Allen and Elton John.

Dvě Deci will host a tasting at the new waxworks as well as a separate wine-and-sushi event


Alena Wilson makes little black dresses for real women

Czech fashion designer Alena Wilson finds inspiration, in clients and models who are all “real women.” The 37 year old’s first collection was a series of simple and elegant small black dresses, or SBDs. She says every woman needs two SBDs in her closet: one that is simple and can be worn with anything and decorated accordingly with accessories, and another for special occasions that’s more fun and sexy.

Fashions designed to fit healthy women find a substantial audience

Gallery: Yoka Sola takes a personal touch to lingerie

French fashion designer Yoka Sola came to Prague seeking to fill a gap in the Czech Republic’s lingerie industry. “I always wanted to create something new, and the idea was to offer something that you couldn’t find in the Czech market: colorful sexy lingerie,” Sola says. Her aim is to offer her clients a personalized service, selling directly to clients that she has met in person and has a personal connection with.

More Than Religion believes in the power of numbers

Alena Bělíková is the owner and curator of More than Religion, a company that combines creating fashion with network for photographers, models and anyone who wants to experience working in the fashion industry. Right now the company is working on publishing its first online magazine.