Last Firework Display of Summer 2018: Coney Island, NYC

During the summer, Coney Island has weekly fireworks on Fridays. This was the last one of the season!

In the summer you can experience fireworks on Coney Island every Friday as long as the weather is good. We only managed to go on the last day and we’re assuming these fireworks were extra special because they can’t be this good every Friday!


Luna Park in Coney Island, NYC

Luna Park adventure at Coney Island, NYC!

It’s still cold outside but warm weather is coming. I repeat: Warm. Weather. Is. Coming! There are so many fun things that we’re all dying to do when we don’t need to wear our ski coats and fuzzy socks just go cross the street to the local bodega. One of the things I’m excited to do is go down to the beach and maybe visit Coney Island!