Many make the false assumption that going on a brewery tour requires a long bus ride beyond the borders of Prague. But there are many local breweries that will tickle your taste buds. Prague is home to large breweries producing massive amounts of beer as well as micro-breweries that focus on refining one single flavor….



It is no mystery that Czech beer is best-served cold and enjoyed outdoors under the sun. Beer can help cool you down on a hot afternoon but it can also warm you up after a chilly late April snowfall. Fortunately, Prague is cluttered with beer gardens big and small. Read the full article on Prague.TV’s…


The construction of the Charles Bridge started in the 14th century under Charles the IV. There are many different rumors about what was used instead of cement – and it wasn’t just eggs. According to one website the secret ingredients that helped hold the bridge together include various organic products such as milk, blood, cottage cheese, wine…


Czechs are known to be experts in beer-brewing so it is no surprise that they brew special beers in winter that hit just the right spot. Generally winter beers high a higher percentage of alcohol as well as degrees: darker and sweeter beers will warm you up and energize you through the cold winter months….

The Pub – the Perks and Dangers of Pouring Your Own Beer

Do you hate waiting to be brought your beer? Do you hate when you get too much foam? Or too little? Are you ever tempted to just go behind the bar and just get it yourself? All your problems can be fixed with a trip to The Pub. I don’t mean the pub down the road,…

Prague vs. Amsterdam: Clenliness, Transportation & Alcohol

So Prague has much cheaper public transportation with gaps in enforcing everyone to pay. There have even been big groups of people who form in order to ride illegally and chip in when a member gets fined – according to them it is cheaper than everyone having to buy a pass. In Amsterdam, there is no possibility of doing this and the system tracks how long you are traveling for and which routes you take. This information can be very useful for innovating public transportation to make it more convenient and altered to travelers needs.