Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Bali 2018

The monkey forest sanctuary in Ubud, Bali was an exciting place where monkeys rule and humans are allowed to feed them under supervision. Not sure how good this is for the environment, probably not at all, but the monkeys seemed happy and cared for and several badly behaved humans were told to leave.


Bali: Uluwatu Sunset & Evil Genius Monkeys

The sun was just beginning to turn from a bright yellow to a soft pink that would soon spread across the entire horizon, illuminating the perfectly placed clouds. We let our guard down for just a minute to enjoy the sunset at Uluwatu temple with our real eyes as well as through their digital extensions…

Tonsai Beach: The Best Beach in Thailand

We visited Thailand back in December, during the mourning period for the late king. During our two week trip we saw Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok. Phuket was beautiful but crawling with drunken tourists. Bangkok was exciting but really hot without a possibility to cool off in the ocean. Then there was Krabi, which was basically paradise on earth! To…