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Flying with Germanwings was originally posted in The Bridge, a magazine belonging to the International Women’s Association of Prague. Travel in Europe has never been easier or cheaper!

I decided to spend a few days of my summer vacation visiting my friend in Germany. There were several different options to get there: by car, bus or train. Looking for the cheapest one I stumbled upon Germanwings, a German airline offering roundtrip tickets for 1,500 CZK.

I almost didn’t believe it at first. But I took my chances filling in all the information. I was booking almost 3 months in advance. Turns out that with only hand luggage and no meal on board, the tickets did truly cost only 1,500 CZK. With an additional cost of 222 CZK for online paying. 1,722 CZK ($75) was cheaper than any of the other options of traveling from Prague to Cologne/Bonn. The additional cost of bringing a suitcase or choosing the seats and a meal was also relatively cheap.

Cheap flight = uncomfortable trip? No.

I expected the worst sort of plane imaginable for the low price of the flight. It turned out to be a very nice plane, just like the ones used by CSA. and I was even more surprised by a timely boarding and an on the dot arrival at the Cologne/Bonn airport.

At my destination airport, I saw that Germanwings was indeed very popular in Germany. They had a whole section of the 1st terminal just for the Germanwings airline. There were airplanes taking off almost every 30 minutes to all the popular European destinations. The boarding was delayed by 30 minutes on my way back to Prague. However, the plane just flew faster and reached Prague in 55 minutes, a whole 20 minutes less than it took to fly to Germany.

Most of the flights that Germanwings makes are around Europe. But you can also fly with them to other continents. However, only the ones around Europe are at such low prices. When I booked this flight, I also agreed to get emails about last minute offers that the airline had to offer.

Although I have yet to book another flight, I am definitely very pleased with discovering Germanwings. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again in the future. Next time you have a trip in mind, I recommend that you check out Germanwings because they might offer just what you’re looking for at a much lower price than expected!

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Bonn, Germany
Bonn, Germany
Bonn, Germany
Bonn, Germany
Bonn, Germany


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