Guest Column: Remember May 4th, Support Ukraine

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“Shame and tragedy in America; the photographs accuse; the crime in Kent remains unpunished…” Originally published by Izvestia, a Soviet newspaper, I saw this quote at the May 4th memorial at Kent State. Being at the memorial and watching the video had a significant effect on me because my parents are currently in the middle of a controversial protest in which people are dying. I believe the above quote could be adopted by an American newspaper and replace “America” with “Ukraine,” and “Kent” with “Kiev”; it would make a perfect headline for the horrifying events of which my parents are part.  Kent State and the city of Maidan may be separated by over 5,000 miles, with different languages and cultures – but they are one in spirit. Every Kent State student has heard about the May 4th massacre, but few know Ukraine’s story.



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