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I was scrolling through Slevomat, a Czech website that offers discounts for clothes, restaurants, trips and everything in between. I came across a picture of people in harnesses jumping off a bridge. Intrigued, I clicked on the link that advertised swing jumping.

Swing jumping is similar to bungee jumping. The jumper’s harness is connected to a rope that is tied to a bridge. When you bungee jump the rope is tied to the same side of the bridge that you are jumping from and you fall straight down and the elastic rope causes the jumper to ‘bounce’ at the bottom. The rope is connected to the jumper’s feet and they jump headfirst and ‘land’ upside down. Swing jumping is different because the rope is connected to the opposite side of the bridge and the rope is connected to the jumper’s abdomen. So after the jump, one remains upright and swings from one side of the bridge to the next like a pendulum.

One of the companies that organizes swing jumping is called Adrenaline Space. http://www.adrenalin-space.com/ They offer one jump for 500 CZK which is generally cheaper than bungee jumping, and discounted jumps can be purchased for 350 CZK. If you are experienced and want to jump more than once it only costs 1,250 CZK to jump three times. They also say that if you throw up while jumping they’ll give you a free turn! The location for the jump is near Brno, on Stropešínský Bridge which is 25 meters high. It is very difficult to get to without a car.

Since I enjoyed a safe dose of adrenaline and had done some cliff jumping in the past, I bought two jumps and set a date two months away. One was for me and the other for my boyfriend, who had done zip-lining but no bridge jumping. He seemed way more nervous than me but that changed as time passed and it got closer to the actual jump. I began to dread the day and had to convince myself that this was a good idea.

When we arrived at the bridge, all it took was one look down for me to decide that I wasn’t jumping. My boyfriend laughed at me and said he’d jump twice. The friendly staff began to strap him into the harness and he was asking whether he could jump down the bridge head first. They told him to jump normally the first time and head first the second. They had three people jumping at the same time on the count of three.

Everyone’s smiles and excitement seemed to fade once they were told to climb onto the other side of the bridge and stand with their back towards the flowing river. They were told to push off as far as they could, jumping backwards and then grabbing onto the part of the rope closest to the harness. The group jump and countdown made it hard to hesitate and everyone jumped, screaming at first and then whooping once the rope caught and they swung above the water.

Once the swinging stopped the jumpers were slowly lowered down onto a boat. On the second jump, my boyfriend tried to jump head first but got too scared. He said it was scarier the second time and explained in fascination that he had no recollection of either of the moments where he jumped before the rope caught. He was ecstatic and said he’d probably do it again. I was excited for him but was happy with my decision not to jump. There’s a difference between excited fear and dread and no one should force themselves to do something that they don’t want to.

Full address:
Stropešínský most na Dalešické přehradě
675 55 Stropešín
GPS: 49,164410 16,076678

, Swing Jumping, Travel, Reviews, Bugs & More!

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