Shanghai’s French Concession: Photo Diary

The French Concession is a hipster, European-looking area in Shanghai! It’s unique and unlike anything you’ll ever see in China!

Everyone knows that Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city, but did you know that the French Concession looks nothing like China? I could attempt to describe the narrow roads tunneled by green trees. I could go on and on about the tiny stores and the displays that burst with creativity. But it would be easier to just show it instead…

 All the alleyways are cute and each tell their unique story.
Some shop owners attract customers with beautiful parrots! 
It’s a residential area and people aren’t afraid to air their (not so dirty) laundry. 
Most of the buildings have two floors. Businesses on the first, family homes on the second.

The area has lots of foreigners so there plenty of business to accommodate their needs. 
Some of the stores have sinks in the front instead of the back. 
The hanging laundry adds to the cozy atmosphere. 
There is some pretty cool graffiti art too! 
There are till plenty of typically Chinese things in the area – that’s what makes it so unique!

There’s nowhere like this anywhere else in the world. 
You can find some exciting cuisine in this area! From Western food to Western Chinese delicacies – like insects! 
The tiny stores go all out with their decorations – this spa has a real koi fish pond in it’s 2 meter squared entrance.
Here’s another awesome alleyway! 
And of course there’s some hipster influence.
Look at this cute little home above the store! 
Thanks for reading!


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