All About Line Eleven (Guest Post)

, All About Line Eleven (Guest Post), The Travel Bug Bite

Megan Ackerman wrote this chapter of the KCIS Survival Guide.
This guide was sent to all new teachers coming to teach at the Kang Chiao International School in Huaqiao.

Line 11 is the metro line closest to us here in Huaqiao! There are several great stops along the way. Here are just some of the many wonders of Line 11.

Huaqiao: Stop 1. Where we reside. If you get on here you usually get a seat!

Anting: An old Germanized area. Several German pubs and a mall with many food options. Also, there is an old town that makes for a lovely hour walk. This is the beginning of when you start to see some more foreigners.

Shanghai Circuit: This is where Formula 1 is held, a cold event to check out usually held right after winter when the weather is starting to become nice!

Nanxiang: Okay, I know another mall; however, this mall has a CityShop, which is a lovely foreign food store. There are several places to eat different than the Anting mall and if you walk about 5 km down the road there is a Carrefour. Carrefour is a nicer food store that has many items! There is also an old church like structure that could make for a nice walking trip.

Jiangsu Road: Now, you are in the middle of SHA! Get off here to exchange to Line 2 to enter deeper into the city.

Xujiahui: This tends to be extremely crowded. It is the exchange for Line 1. To be honest, avoid this stop because it is always busy!

Oriental Sports Center: Towards the end of the Line you will find the Sports Center. Sometimes there are big events; but mostly, it is just a nice area to have a walk to take a picnic.

Disney: Disney is at the end of Line 11. So, if you ever need to tell someone where you are living just say, “Do you know where Disney is on Line 11 – the complete opposite way!”

The metro is an interesting place and you never know what you might see! Take some time for a nice metro ride and embrace local living!

With the rapid development of the metro system is not completely up to date, but it is an excellent APP to download or use online. It allows you to check the first and last trains to and from each station which is super handy as the metro doesn’t run particularly late. There is also a route planning function that will help you get from A to B the fastest way and will give you an approximate travel time and an exact cost. The Shanghai metro has 364 stations! It’s one big beast… to find out more try

Important Bus Routes:

228: Zhaofeng Road Metro Station – Dongcheng Avenue

Significant Stops: Metro Station – E Mart – Colorful Apartments – School – MixTown

101: Zhaofeng Road Metro Station – Kunshan South Railway Station

Significant Stops: Metro Stations including Zhaofeng, Guangming and Huaqiao – Huaqiao town center – Decathalon sports shop – Kunshan South Long Distance Bus Station – Kunshan South Railway Station.

“The Blue Bus” will get you into Shanghai for 5RMB in 45-60 minutes. It starts around the corner from the Hanting Hotel and stops outside E-mart before barreling along the highway into Shanghai where its final destination is Zhongshan Park Metro. Usually you need a sought after “21 Century” community card to get on, but the card scanners will often allow you to subtly slide a fiver into their hand. It’s a comfy and convenient way to get into the city! You might also be lucky to get a card with your apartment!

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