Raising Awareness – Pangolin Love for Valentine’s Day

Pangolin may not look cuddly but their story will melt your heart. You can help them too!

I have always been a fan of Google Doodles: the witty images, interactive games and educational material are always a great way to start the day and learn something new. This Valentine’s Day I was extra impressed because Pangolin Love is a fun game created to raise awareness! You can play it here.

Pangolins are unique mammals that look like reptiles. They can curl into balls to protect themselves from predators as well as use their sharp talons. These cute creatures need your help because they happen to be the most-trafficked mammals in the world! They are kidnapped from their homes and murdered for fashion, medicine and meat.

The World Wildlife Fund works with various organizations and governments to help protect these creatures. In 2016, 180 governments signed agreements to end all legal trade to protect them from extinction. Unfortunately, illegal trade continues to drive the species to extinction.

All eight species of pangolin are under threat. Four species live in Asia and the other four in Africa: two of these are critically in danger. Over 80% of pangolin living in Asia have been devastated by poaching. Google.org has given a grant to to the WWF that enables them to use advanced thermal imagery technology to help track poachers and stop the illegal trade.

Even you can help the pangolin from the comforts of your home. Raise awareness by sharing this article, the Pangolin Love Google Doodle, donate money to the cause or adopt a pangolin (and receive a really cute stuffed pangolin as part of the adoption kit)! Find out more about ways to help here – I got all the information for this blog post from this WWF page.

Did you know that the WWF has a bunch of free Valentine’s Day e-cards that you can send your loved ones? If you want to learn more about how the romantic holiday is celebrated in China, please read this blog post about Qixi.


Author: olenakagui

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