Huaqiao Off the Beaten Path (PHOTOS)

What happens when already live off the beaten path? Find something even more unusual! (PHOTOS)

First of all, Huaqiao is an entire city that’s off the beaten path. It’s an economic development zone right outside the Shanghai boarder. It’s a city within a city and it’s more like a village with high-rise residential buildings anyway.

The central areas of Huaqiao are modern with plenty of fancy restaurants. The main street is busy with cars, e-bikes and people rushing about their business. Just parallel to the busy, lined-with-skyscrapers street, is a farming wonderland where people live physically harder but in a way more relaxed and rewarding lives!

I found this place by accident while searching for a long-cut on my way to Kang Chiao International School.


Half of these streets don’t even exist on Google maps.


The houses here are fascinating. Huge, colorful and with a strange hybrid architecture.


Farming can be beautifully messy!

The first time I got lost here, I didn’t have my DSLR. So I came back on the weekend and this time, we traveled in style!


It’s not even a motorcycle… it’s electric. But it still makes us look cool!


We just loved this mysterious door that didn’t even close…

Back to the beautiful buildings…

Did you know that the norm in China is living with your entire extended family? That’s why the houses are so big.


It is generally really cold inside these houses during winter time since there is no central heating. This makes drying laundry really hard! That’s why a bit of sunshine is the best way to dry everything.


This is a Buddhist style shrine!

It’s not all sunshine and roses 😦


But the houses are SOOOOO interesting and beautiful!

After the crops are harvested, they are transported using these electric vehicles…


Then the food ends up in markets like these.


Don’t let the spiderwebs scare you away. There may be no health regulations but the locals shop here. Everything is home-grown, fresh and delicious. We’ve even bought meat at markets like this and we’ve never gotten sick!


Thanks for reading (and picture looking). Feel free to leave comments below!


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