Our Stay at Long Son Mui Ne Campground

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Mui Ne is a popular beach town located not far from Ho Chi Minh. It is a popular travel destination for local and foreign tourists alike, predominantly Russians. Many of the signs and restaurants have Russian translations and there’s even a restaurant that translates to “Fires of Moscow”.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to the restaurant although it was recommended to us because it didn’t seem to be open during our stay. We were fascinated by their snake vodka, but maybe it’s better that we didn’t end up costing some poor snake it’s life just to get drunk off it’s blood. Anywhooo…

We planned to spend three nights in Mui Ne at the Long Son Mui Ne Campground. When we naively booked our entire trip from China, I picked a tent overlooking the beach instead of a room. As soon as we arrived in Vietnam we called them to change to a room because of the crazy heat. It wasn’t a problem, but they only had a 12-bedroom dorm available.

It was a nice room and we loved everything about it except for one not so friendly roommate who went out of her way to make us feel uncomfortable. She didn’t even anyone eat in the room because it made her feel sick and she apparently had food poisoning that suspiciously came after a late night of drinking.

Unlike our unfriendly roommate, the staff was great and tried to get us involved in daily activities. We were not up for the drinking games but we did sign up for a ridiculously cheap $5 tour of all (four) attractions in the small city.

Along with a reasonably priced bar, there was a nice selection of food. They had Western options like burgers and salads, but also Vietnamese spring rolls, soups and baguette-style sandwiches. The bar was right by the beach with lots of seating with an ocean view. There were also swings on the beach and several reclining chairs for sunburning.

Sunburning, unfortunately, is not a typo. It was really hot, there were no umbrellas anywhere on the beach (not just on this beach, but the entire stretch of beach) plus the mosquitoes and sand flies were vicious. But that was not the hostels’ fault.

So basically, the hostel was great, cheap and friendly. We’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind dorm rooms or wants to sleep in a tent on the beach (who doesn’t if it’s cool enough?) But I definitely don’t recommend visiting Mui Ne in June – August or for a long period of time at any time of the year to be honest. There are much better beaches on Cat Ba island (Ha Long Bay).

We spent a lot of time inside reading and relaxing, trying to ignore the guest that shall not be named. It’s very unlike us because we’re always on the go doing stuff. It was a nice break from an otherwise hectic trip, but 36 hours would have been more than enough in the boiling, bug infested city. At least they sold cheap Tiger Balm that I had to rub on several dozen bites.

LongSon MuiNe Campground is one of the cheapest options in Mui Ne, has a great selection of well-priced food and drinks and the $5 tour made all the less appealing things worth it. You can read more about our Mui Ne experience in my upcoming posts! You can see the hostel for yourself in my YouTube video here.


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