20 Best Photos of Harbin’s Snow & Ice Festival 2018

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The Ice and Snow Festival have been popular tourists attractions since Harbin began hosting them in 1989. The Snow Festival is held on Sun Island, close to the city center and the Ice and Snow World is only a few kilometers away. Tickets to each event cost 330 RMB for adults.

If you’re limited on time and have to only choose one, definitely go to the Ice and Snow World. Make sure to arrive around 3pm to get the best experience. That way you get to make the rounds during daylight, enjoy a spectacular sunset and warm up inside before exploring the LED winter wonderland after dark!

Of course if you have the time, like we did, do both. You only need one day. Visit the Snow Festival in the morning from 11am. It should take you 2-3 hours to explore including a quick coffee or brunch break to warm up. I also recommend the tubing slide if you enjoy a one-minute adrenaline rush – it’s free, just leave a deposit!

Here are the best shots of Harbin’s 2018 Snow and Ice Festival. Thank you Amanda for letting me use your amazing photos.

1. A very voluptuous lady. – Sun Island Snow Festival


2. Gigantic Snow beer glass sculpture looms over the festival. – Ice and Snow World

Fun fact: Snow is the most popular beer in the world based on number sold annually – this 2% beer is mainly bought in China by Chinese people.


3. The perfectly timed sunset framed by an ice statue from an international competition. – Ice and Snow World


4. Asia’s most iconic landmarked frozen in ice and light! – Ice and Snow World


5. A close-up of a 46+ meter tall bottle of “frozen” snow beer. – Ice and Snow World

Fun fact: lots of beverages had ice advertisements at the festival and throughout the city center… Even two competing brands of water!


6. The sun starting to set over a life-size replica of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. – Ice and Snow World


7. A Native American scene frozen in time. See the cacti and eagle? – Ice and Snow World


8. Lucky Chinese “Fu” – Sun Island Snow Festival


9. What Beijing’s Temple of Heaven would look like as a nightclub – Ice and Snow World


10. Heckin’ good puppers and doggos. – Sun Island Snow Festival


11. LED train. Next stop: Overwhelmingly beautiful thing #99. – Ice and Snow World


12. This is a snow replica of a real statue in the park. This one is bigger than the original! – Sun Island Snow Festival


13. The coolest travel-themed sculpture! – Sun Island Snow Festival


14. Malaysia ice sculpture with a sunset as the backdrop! – Ice and Snow World


15. Cambodian Temple lit up in a rainbow. – Ice and Snow World


16. A snow goddess with a puny human for scale. – Ice and Snow World


17. Santa and his reindeer. – Ice and Snow World


18. Big booty that my husband motorboated. – Sun Island Snow Festival


19. Rainbow slide. No, she’s not a unicorn. – Ice and Snow World


Sorry for the long post. There were no snow potatoes, so here’s a zebra herd instead. These giants are over two meters tall!



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