Bridge and Tunnel Brewery: Dog-Friendly Queens Bar

, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery: Dog-Friendly Queens Bar, The Travel Bug Bite

The Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is an amazing dog-friendly bar right on the border of Ridgewood, Queens and Bushwick, Brooklyn. The delicious draft beers cost $5, dogs are welcome and the staff is incredible!

My first visit to the bar was on a quiet night. I got to try many of the beers, I got to sit at the bar or at one of the tables and the few people who were there were fun to talk to. On my second visit the place was packed with people, dogs and children forcing me to stand, but the atmosphere was so great that I stayed anyway!

On my second visit I also got to meet the owner and his family. His twin daughters ran the Halloween dog costume competition like professionals! Isaac (the hubby), Smiley (the dog) and I met some of long-term patrons of the bar and had a great time.

Not only was the day fun, but Bridge and Tunnel added a dollar onto all of their beer prices which raised money for a local shelter: Bobbi and the Strays – we met a few people from the shelter and they were amazing too!

We will definitely be coming back to hang out, refill our growler and enjoy some delicious beers at a great price! My favorite beer is their sour IPA – make sure to try it when you visit.

Check out some photos from the event on Bushwick Daily.

, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery: Dog-Friendly Queens Bar, The Travel Bug Bite

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