PetBuddy Services in Bushwick, Brooklyn

, PetBuddy Services in Bushwick, Brooklyn, The Travel Bug Bite

Petbuddy Services is a smaller family daycare and dog boarding that’s currently working on expanding their facilities as well as services. Before they accept your dog, they require a trial day that costs $25 and can last all day. If your dog passes, the daycare costs $40 a day (including transportation) and they are open from 8 AM until 8 PM.

Previously I wrote about a different daycare that we also used for Smiley that unfortunately didn’t work out. He was anxious at the other one and needed one-on-one attention otherwise he would spend all day trying to escape. The staff told me that while they could handle him because they had enough experienced staff to give him the care he needed, he clearly didn’t enjoy being there. So I tried taking him to Petbuddy Services instead.

After meeting Oscar only twice, I am convinced that he has supernatural dog whispering abilities. Him and his dad are dog lovers and are great at keeping up to 20 dogs calm and content throughout the day. The only time the dogs bark at PetBuddy is when someone new is coming or leaving, otherwise they are just hanging out! That’s an amazing feat with so many dogs!

Since Smiley didn’t enjoy the first daycare, I was worried that he would hate all daycares. But he did really well at PetBuddy for 12 hours, two days in a row. He was still crazy at pickup, but when they went to get him for me and put his leash on, he was chilling with the other dogs. It was a huge relief knowing that there’s a place to take him where he was safe and happy.

Although Smiley will be spending most days staying at home where he is more comfortable (we have cameras set up to watch him to make sure that doesn’t change), we will definitely be using PetBuddy again the future. Probably for boarding a well as daycare, since we trust them and know that he is happy there. In the mean time, he gets a 30-minute social walk through his old daycare that is more than enough on our average work day.

Anyway, back to PetBuddy. Starting November 12th, they finally completed their move from Wilson Avenue to 54 Noll Street, Brooklyn. Their new location offers a rooftop playground, pet grooming (through their new partner Pet Wash N’Go and they will be selling organic dog products. Their prices are going up a little with the new facilities, so now cage-less boarding will be $59.99 for 24 hours and $40 for daycare including transportation ($5 increase, but transportation used to cost that much anyway.)

I wholeheartedly recommend Petbuddy Services and vouch for Oscar and his dad. They do cost a little more than other daycares in the area, but it is 100% worth it. I am excited to visit their new place and see how much they have grown.

, PetBuddy Services in Bushwick, Brooklyn, The Travel Bug Bite

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